Better Channel Engagement = More Revenue

Help your reps and distributors sell 60% more with LeadMethod.



How much revenue are you losing simply because sales leads aren’t being followed up on? In a channel sales environment, tracking every sales lead is critical to maximizing revenue. LeadMethod ensures you make the most of every lead in your sales pipeline.



Ever wonder what happened with that one lead? Curious about whether another turned into a sale? LeadMethod makes it easy for sales reps and distributors to give you valuable information about lead status, expected close dates, pipeline projections and much more.



Do you spend hours capturing, organizing and routing leads through your distribution channel? Let LeadMethod take over. LeadMethod streamlines your entire lead management process, automating everything from lead import to lead assignment to tracking.

Distributor Sales Optimization

  • Maximize All Sales Opportunities

    Increased distributor and sales rep feedback allows you understand which leads will most likely convert to sales, so you can spend more time on the deals that matter. With LeadMethod you can maximize every opportunity to close more sales.

  • Improve distributor engagement

    LeadMethod features a simple interface that makes it easy for distributors and sales reps to view and update all their leads, giving you valuable information about your sales pipeline. Their engagement becomes your competitive advantage.

  • Understand your sales pipeline

    The LeadMethod dashboard enables you to quickly visualize revenue projections and sales rep performance. Detailed analytics and reports give you the information you need to grow your business.