Industrial Control and LeadMethod partner to improve pipeline visibility, accelerate revenue opportunities

Leading distributor understands the importance of efficient communication with suppliers to drive more revenue. LeadMethod will be a key driver in achieving this goal.

To improve visibility into its sales pipeline and accelerate revenue opportunities, Michigan-based Industrial Control today announced its partnership with LeadMethod.

Industrial Control is a leading distributor of products and expertise in machine automation, motion control, and machine vision, and currently works with dozens of manufacturing suppliers worldwide.

“LeadMethod works with thousands of industrial manufacturers and distributors, and they know our business well,” said Mark Ermatinger, CEO of Industrial Control. “That knowledge has allowed them to build a sales automation system that’s simple, yet powerful for my reps and leadership team to leverage to improve process and overall revenue..”

In order to continue their accelerating growth  amid the fast-changing digital transformation, leaders at Industrial Control sought a modern solution that would automate more of its processes, improve communication with suppliers, and provide a better overall customer experience.

With the LeadMethod platform, Industrial Control can now:

  • Automate assignment of leads and opportunities to sales reps

  • Gain always-on visibility into its sales pipeline

  • Enable easy, two-way communication with suppliers on the status and quality of every lead

The result is a hassle-free, optimized, sales process where both Industrial Control and its suppliers benefit.

“Industrial Control is a leader in their market, and it’s easy to understand why,” said Justin Johnson, CEO at LeadMethod. “Their leadership thinks about automation and process improvement in order to improve margin and better serve their customers. We are excited to help the company execute their vision through the LeadMethod platform.”