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5 Elements of a Successful Channel Engagement Strategy

For companies that sell their products through a network of channel partners and distributors, engagement is king. That’s because the more actively you engage, the more you sell. According to SiriusDecisions, a whopping 79 percent of sales leads generated by the manufacturer are not contacted by the channel partner. And traditional forms of engagement, such […]

Improve Your Channel Partner Engagement

We recently conducted a survey to more than 3,200 manufacturing sales and marketing professionals and the message was clear: They need more engagement and feedback from their channel partners on sales leads. Here is a key stat that we uncovered: Only 36% of companies get feedback from their channel partners on leads and opportunities. The […]

How to Double Channel Partner Sales Conversion Rates

There is no magic bullet when it comes to increasing the performance and revenue contribution from your channel partners. It takes an integrated, systemic approach that brings together information sharing and performance reporting into a shared view. Current “functional” approaches to lead sharing and deal tracking rely on emails and spreadsheets that lack a shared, […]

3 Metrics to Optimize Channel Revenue

W. Edwards Deming was quoted as saying “A goal without a method is nonsense.” If your 2017 revenue plan called for increase channel revenue by some percentage or dollar amount, you have a goal. Great. But do you have a method? We work with companies who rely on their channel partners for a significant portion […]

Channel Partner Sales Enablement

If you sell through a network of channel partners and distributors you understand that keeping them updated on the latest sales pitch, product positioning or new features is a challenge. And it’s no surprise that they are missing a lot of your new training material because they have to navigate your website or search through […]

Sales Pipeline Radio interview with LeadMethod CEO: Channel Engagement

Our CEO, Justin Johnson was recently interviewed by Sales Pipeline Radio.  Here is a link to the 20 min interview on the challenges and opportunities of selling through channel partners – distributors, manufacturers reps, dealers, or resellers. In the interview Johnson discusses why having a clear process and the right software product for engaging channel partners […]

3 Ways Manufacturers Can Accelerate Sales

Suppliers that start to leverage data and metrics to optimize their channel partner relationships will see huge gains. Strong results will come when suppliers start to proactively manage and communicate with their channel partners in order to drive more revenue. Understanding channel partner engagement with leads and opportunities is critical. For example, research conducted by […]

5 Steps to Maximizing Your Channel Sales Model

You’ve worked hard to establish and build your channel partner and distributor relationships. Selling through channel partners is expensive and requires a lot of time, but, if done correctly, can yield significant revenue growth and profits. Getting the most out of the relationship requires a focused and defined approach. In reality, doing this correctly often is […]

Accelerate Distributor Training and Education With Sales Playbooks

Boost Distributor Sales with Playbooks If you sell through channel partners and distributors, then you know they are likely juggling dozens of products — yours included – as well as the related product info and sales messaging. Make it easier for them to access the most updated product information, and you stand to increase not […]

5 Strategies to Improve Channel Partner Feedback and Increase Revenue

When it comes to selling through channel partners and distributors, most manufacturers cite a critical problem: They don’t get enough distributor feedback on their sales leads. In fact, our clients report they only hear back on 10 to 20 percent of their leads. That’s a major problem, and manufacturers are losing thousands if not millions […]