Digital Transformation Done Right: How LeadMethod’s CRM Connector Automates Proax Sales Process and Accelerates Revenue

Proax Technologies calls LeadMethod’s CRM Connector the ‘Holy Grail’ of software platforms for industrial distributors

Facing a rapidly increasing volume of leads, Proax today announced its partnership with LeadMethod to improve visibility into its sales pipeline and accelerate revenue opportunities. Proax currently works with more than two dozen manufacturing partners worldwide.  

As a leading distributor of products and expertise in machine automation, motion control, and machine safety industries, Proax was keenly interested in automating more of its processes and not falling behind the digital transformation trend. LeadMethod’s Distributor CRM Connector offered the ideal answer,  seamlessly integrating incoming leads and opportunities from its suppliers with Proax’s existing Hubspot CRM.

“LeadMethod has built the holy grail of software platforms for distributors that need to connect their sales technology to suppliers,” said Carlos Martins, E-Commerce and Business Development. “LeadMethod’s Distributor CRM Connector platform allows our salespeople to spend more time selling and far less time on busy work within our CRM. It’s been a revenue accelerator for us.”

By automatically routing leads from suppliers directly to Hubspot, Proax has:

  • Eliminated manual lead entry and resulting errors or omissions
  • Improved accuracy of quarterly projections
  • Reduced abandonment rates
  • Enabled easy communication with suppliers on the status and quality of every lead

The result is a competitive advantage for both Proax and its manufacturing partners, allowing the latter to manage their lead process more efficiently and take action on promising prospects faster.

“As trusted technical experts focused on meeting the needs of their customers, the team at Proax has set the standard among industrial automation distributors, ” says Justin Johnson, LeadMethod CEO. “We’re excited to help them find more success and revenue, by improving collaboration with their manufacturer partners to accelerate sales.”