Sales Pipeline Radio interview with LeadMethod CEO: Channel Engagement

Our CEO, Justin Johnson was recently interviewed by Sales Pipeline Radio.  Here is a link to the 20 min interview on the challenges and opportunities of selling through channel partners – distributors, manufacturers reps, dealers, or resellers.

In the interview Johnson discusses why having a clear process and the right software product for engaging channel partners on leads and opportunities is critical to increasing revenue, to the tune of 10-20%.

To achieve maximum revenue potential across your channel partners Johnson suggestions:

  1. Implementing a process and software to make it easy for channel partners to engage. This means not requiring them to login or learn CRM software
  2. Ask them simple and important questions to gather data on leads and opportunities
  3. Nurture channel partners with smart and timely emails and give them a process to quickly and easily update you as opportunities progress through the sales process
  4. Sales enablement is also very important, giving channel partners the right training information at the right time in order to sell more

Johnson also highly recommends having channel partner engagement software and the process tightly integrated with your CRM, so there is a transparency between systems. For reference, LeadMethod integrates with Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Sage, and dozens of others.