Better Lead Management = More Revenue

Distributor lead management software to save time and increase revenue.

Get Better Information

Managing a distribution sales team requires strong communication. LeadMethod gives you the tools to track sales opportunities and better communicate with your reps and distributors.

Sell with Speed

Studies show that the first company to follow up with a lead wins the business. With LeadMethod’s automated lead capture and distribution, you can give your sales reps a competitive advantage by getting them leads fast.

Drive More Revenue

Sales leads are rarely leveraged to their full advantage, whether due to slow contact time, low follow-up rates or decentralized communication. LeadMethod enables you to better track every lead to maximize sales.

Real Time Dashboard

You need to keep a pulse of critical indicators that tell you what is happening in your sales team. The LeadMethod real-time dashboard gives you that power.

  • Monitor lead statuses and quickly identify high value opportunities
  • Measure sales rep contact rate and speed to identify high and low performers
  • Visualize your sales pipeline and revenue estimates, by region
  • Measure the ROI and conversion rates for marketing/ad sources

Powerful Lead Management

Your lead management process doesn’t need to be tedious or time-consuming. With LeadMethod, we make it fast and easy. Our advanced technology automates lead capture and distribution, saving your team hours every day.

  • Automatically import data from all web-based lead sources
  • Upload data in seconds from trade show and trade publication files
  • Assign leads to any sales rep in your system with a click of a button
  • Score leads to help your reps prioritize their time
  • Keep track of which leads have been assigned and followed-up, and which leads require action
  • Generate lead reports by sales rep, priority, lead status and much more.

Invaluable Feedback & Conversion

Without strong engagement from your sales reps, you don’t have the information you need to analyze patterns, nurture opportunities or identify weaknesses in your sales process. LeadMethod’s innovative technology and simple design ensures an incredible feedback rate from your sales team. LeadMethod clients have achieved an 95% feedback rate with their sales reps – in one major client’s case, that was more than a 500% increase from their previous process.

  • Significantly improve sales rep engagement
  • Invest in a tool that your sales reps will use to increase productivity and sales