What’s new for January 22, 2018: Increased Flexibility and Control

Nobody understands your territory and customers better than you. At LeadMethod, we know that speed is the key to closing the sale, so we are always looking for ways to help you be more efficient in your sales process.

Your Lead List displays all past and current leads in a clear, easy to understand format. With feedback from you, we’ve made the Lead List even better.

These new features are designed to give you more flexibility and control over your leads, giving you the information you need to manage your leads quickly and effectively.

Lead List Column Customization

Any field can now be viewed as a column on your Lead List, making it easy to view important information on your active leads, such as Value of Sale and Close Date. Click on the column selector button in the upper right-hand corner of the Lead List to select the columns you want to see or deselect columns you want to hide. If you have too many columns to view in one screen, simply scroll horizontally.

Lead List Column Resizing

Have a column that needs more space? Now you can resize the columns to fit your needs. Just click and drag the divider to the right of the column to customize your page.

Reminder Icon

Now you can add and view reminders directly from your Lead List. Click on the calendar icon to open a dialogue box and add a reminder. Leads with an active reminder will show a blue calendar icon.

LeadMethod is always improving to help you sell more. Let us know what you think of these updates and send your feature requests to [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you!